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Mad Science

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Mad Science encourages a child's love of STEM with fun science activities for children of all ages.  Dynamic instructors with professional lesson plans, equipment and materials bring science to life through spectacular demonstrations and exciting hands on activities.

Classes take place at Malta Community Center in room 104

All participants must wear face masks and provide their own

Upon entry to the program participants will have  to complete a COVID-19 assessment.


Take Any 6 of the below K-5 programs and save $15.00

Lab Works- Use your hands as a real Mad Scientist in this whirlwind class on how a lab works!  Learn to manipulate laboratory equipment at your personal lab bench, and take home your very own Graduated Gear to continue your research!

Junior Reactors-Create a tiny world of atoms with your very own set of Atomic Coins?  Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results!

PH Phactor- Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the world of acids and bases! Explore the pH extremes with your Reaction Tube in what is sure-to-be a popping experience! Discover whether liquids found in your home are acids or bases using your personal pH Paper.

Chem in a Flash- Hop on board the chemistry express for a high-speed science experience! Perform instantaneous experiments in this fast-paced class on split-second reactions that go like mad!  Pick up an Action Flask and have a blast!

Sonic Sounds-Surf sonic sound waves in this "off-beat" program.  Music and all sorts of merry sounds engage children in sound experiments and live demonstrations showing the properties and transmission of sound waves.  Children listen to sounds made with solid materials-from plastic, to metal, to string.  Ordinary objects like handheld horns, metal screws, wooden ratchets and beads transform into a story sound-effect symphony.  Electronic devices reveal frequency when a pitch-changing machine alters the children's voices to gruff monsters or happy chipmunks.

Lights, Color, Action-Enter the world of light and color!  Exciting experiments on white light including color-wheel blending and prism-splitting spectrums introduce Newton's color theory concepts.  Children learn the differences between mixing colored paint.  Activities involving spectroscopes, UV light, and chromatography provide lessons on scientific techniques used to study the physics of light.  Students build their own Technicolor blenders to demonstrate Newton's color wheel invention.

Watts-Up-Students discover the world of electricity!  They will see sparks fly from a Van de Graaff generator, and make feathers levitate by creating a static field.  They also see the hair raising effects of the Van de Graaff by the repelling forces of charged atoms!  Children assemble a static stick to take home for some electron-jumping fun!

Pre K Workshops Ages 4-6

Space Frontiers
:  Take your class on a trip through the solar system and sign them up for the Mad Science Astronaut in training program where they will learn all about the elements of space.  Students will even get to take their very own mini rocket home.

Digging for Dinos:  Dinosaurs are always a huge hit with children, especially preschoolers.  They will be introduced to the differences between meat eating and plant eating animals and will have the opportunity to look at some dinosaur teeth up close.  They will also work as paleontologists by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that will engage their attention as well as their scientific skills.

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